our purpose

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Landmarque is deliberately small, diverse and intent on being a Leader.

Leadership is creating opportunities to create more leaders…so, we engage with talented people to understand the answers to the questions we all have. These ‘Creatives’ are empowered to deliver and are measured on success. We constantly ask “what does success look like, and what do we need to do collectively to get there”. We ask this of ourselves and the talent we engage, whether they are employees or partners - leadership creates success. What can our leaders do better - to create remarkable outcomes ?

  • We focus on delivering remarkable - we are proud of our ethics and placing people in the centre of what we do.
  • We strive for greater efficiencies and minimising waste.
  • We measure our environmental footprint and minimising it.
  • We seek social engagement and collaboration in what we do.
  • We collaborate and understand we can learn from partnerships, and those partners are empowered to deliver.

Local is Brilliant. Global is as Brilliant. We employ locally and engage internationally - from all walks of life, orientation, culture and religion. We respect each other and encourage these culturally diverse backgrounds to acknowledge one another, and express themselves, to create remarkable communities and shelter. It’s what we do, and expect of ourselves.