who we are

Who we are

Who We Are

Landmarque Property Group is an Irish based Property Investor and Development Company, delivering mixed use property in Ireland and the UK, as part of an international group of companies

We have a proud track record of investment and management totalling over €4.3 billion across Europe (the UK, Belgium, Germany and France) and the Middle East.

We invest in 'People and Places', partnering with local expertise and mixing it with global knowledge, to create remarkable outcomes where people are happy to live, work, rest and play.

We strive each day to celebrate diversity – age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability – and foster a culture of inclusiveness – focusing our efforts on people, how we live, their communities and local stakeholders – identifying them as valued partners, with respect and a sense of belonging - we put people at the centre of what we create.

  • We measure and act on our environmental footprint.
  • We seek social and community engagement, collaboration is key to our goals.
  • We 'learn from all' our partners and empower them to deliver.

Gary Cooper

The Landmarque team is led by CEO Gary Cooper , who brings over thirty years senior leadership in creating “remarkable outcomes” in Ireland, the UK and Australasia. A career based on collaboration, curiosity, and bringing together the best people and opportunities.

At Landmarque, we create these environments with a sense of social cohesion and inclusion, keeping people and community at the forefront of our minds. Gary and the Board of Landmarque are committed to being at the forefront of a new way of creating ‘better places’ for all stakeholders.